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Bosch factory indoor precise positioning system

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Project Name:

Bosch production line staff, robot positioning system

Project Location:

Bosch Changsha Auto Parts Factory

Project Requirements: 

Through the real-time high-precision positioning of workers and robots in the production area, intelligent control of robots and related machinery and equipment to ensure production safety

Realize the function:

Provide the real-time position data of UWB system to the enterprise HES management platform, and intelligently control the production line safety.

Project size: 

30 * 30m range, intensive production equipment, 10 employees, 5 robots

Networking mode: 

Mixed networking

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Live photo

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Project Significance:

Providing accurate personnel and robot positioning data for Bosch Automotive Parts Line Safety Management System. By intelligently controlling robots and other production equipment, it greatly improves production safety and efficiency, reduces potential safety hazards and reduces accidents. Meanwhile, it also integrates effectively with existing systems and performs various functions. For production-oriented enterprises to achieve intelligent, information management has an important impact.