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China Datang Corporation personnel positioning system

- Aug 03, 2018 -

Project name: China Datang Corporation personnel positioning system


Project site: China Datang Corporation

Project requirements: to locate the visiting、operation and inspection personnel.

Realized function: It can upload real-time location data of the visiting、operation and inspection personnel to the interlligent power plant management platform; as the analysis on the basis of access permissions、work attendance、personnel statistics and security alarm.

Project scale: in a 350*400m field, and most of them are device place, the main building has several floor, and there are two hundred people.

Networking mode: hybrid networking


Scene photos:




Project meaning: It offers personnel location data to the interlligent power plant management platform. It also establish a set of personnel location system including Intelligent monitoring management、alarm、real-time location of scene personnel and tracking function,etc, so that increase work security and efficiency of management, to reduce safety loophole and safety accident, at the same time it can integrate effectively with existing system and go in a variety of function extension, and truly realize the field staff real-time safety monitoring, it’s mean a lot to power plant intelligentialize and informatization.