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Indoor precision personnel positioning case

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Project Name:

Liuzhou Intermediate People's Court visitor positioning system

Project Location: 

Liuzhou Intermediate People's Court

Project Requirements:

Visitors are located on the first and sixth floors of the outdoor and indoor office buildings.

Realize the function: 

report the visitor's real-time position information to the court visitor's management system, realizes the real-time control to the visitor.

Project Scale:

Outdoor and indoor one to six covers an area of 120M * 100M


Wired networking




Scene photos:


Project Significance: Provide accurate personnel positioning data for Liuzhou Intermediate People's Court management platform. Establish a complete set of personnel positioning system with intelligent monitoring and management, real-time positioning of field personnel, track playback, tracking and other functions, which will greatly enhance the safety and management efficiency of government agencies. At the same time, it can also effectively integrate with the existing systems and expand the functions in various aspects so as to improve the functions of the entire monitoring and management system.

Therefore, the visitor location management system can safely and reliably manage the safety and security of the visiting staff. This not only ensures the safety of each unit, but also improves the registration level and image of the electronic visitor. For government units to achieve intelligent, far-reaching information management.