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Personnel Location in Factory

- Aug 09, 2018 -

Personnel Location in Factory

What can UWB system can do in factory?

 ● high risk area personnel care

 ● location management more smart  

 ● control of key areas


For personnel, UWB system can do attendance and two-directional positioning.



only for region location,Target detection Whether enter the area; based on signal strength detection.




Two-dimensional positioning mode, based on many anchors, do location with high precision within 30cm. Support ToF and TDoA.


ToF (time of flight)

Based on the ranging data between TAG and anchor, calculate the final location of the tag.

image.png                       image.png

SDS-TWR Ranging process                                        Location based on ToF


TDoA (Time Difference of Arrival )

Between base stations via UWB based wireless time synchronization,Synchronous precision 0.2ns



image.png                        image.png

Wireless time synchronization based on UWB            Hyperbolic positioning principle based on TDoA


Some advantages of system

 ● Fusion of multiple positioning methods, support ToF /TDoA positioning.

 ● Fusion of multiple scene, support to enter the detection and precise positioning,select location mode depending on the specific scene, seamless roaming;

 ● support wired backhaul and wireless backhaul, you can select wire or wireless anchor to make the system building simple.

 ● PoE is supported by Anchor, system Installation easily.

 ● Mifare is supported by TAG,can be directly integrated into the original attendance system. The system supports the cross network construction, protect the company's subsidiaries unified management


Case Study


Project name: Unilever Factory workers location management system.

Project site: Hefei

Project demand: locate factory’s operating personnel, personnel statistics in distributing area.

Project scale: the first factory (total area about 10000m2 , mostly device area, 500 people.)

Networking mode: hybrid networking




Scene photos:



The benefit the UWB system can offer:

1.       It offers personnel location data to Unilever Factory intelligent management platform.

2.       It also establish a set of personnel location system including Intelligent monitoring management、alarm、real-time location of scene personnel and tracking .

3.       Increase work security and efficiency of management, to reduce safety loophole and safety accident.

4.       It can integrate effectively with existing system and go in a variety of function extension, and truly realize the field staff real-time safety monitoring, make the production more intelligent, make the management more efficiency.