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Real-time Tracking in Tunneling

- Dec 26, 2018 -

The construction environment of underground tunnels is known as high risky because of the narrow space、complex technology、concentrated workers.It is necessary to establish an integrated location system that can realize real -time location and tracking and monitor the construction site to reduce the accidents.

The high precision tracking system provides accurate quantity of workers and their real-time location in the tunnel. When the located targets enter dangerous areas or stay still beyond the limited time, the equipment will set out alarm. The software can help analyze the number of operators, confirm position coordinates, playback the history tracks and record the alarm.

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The system consists of location tags、location anchors、alarm module and computers.This high-power location anchor can receive the signal from tags with accuracy of 30 centimeters. The location tags are carried by workers within their helmets or are attached to other equipment. Considering the tunnel is advancing forward ,the system must be flexible and easy to build and maintain.

The tunnel location solution dedicated to strengthening the presence management and ensure operators and vehicle secure. Also make the working conditions more visible and improve personnel safety and control efficiency.