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UWB real-time location system in retail

- Dec 26, 2018 -

With the development of IOT, more and more retailers began to adopt technologies that has been already used in high tech and advanced manufacturing to analyze data and realize smart retail. one of them is the UWB real-time location system with an accuracy of 30cm.By real-time location system, the employers could deeply understand stores operation state and make adjustment to increase profits. So, how does it work in practice?


Better understand customer behavior

You can gain specific data about customer travel path in stores, dwell time by installing a location tags into every shopping carts and installing anchors on the wall of supermarkets. The dwell time can help you find out the most popular products in the store and then make some adjustment, maybe you can put it in the best place or change its price. By analyzing the paths, retailers can understand the customers shopping preference and can optimize the goods layout along the paths to improve sales.


Rational Warehouse management

UWB real-time location system provides the data about the popularity degree of various goods by analyzing the customers dwell time. 

Retailers can recognize the popular products and increase the supply to avoid out-of stock. In addition, the unattended products can reduce the inventory in advance.

uwb in retail

New products test

The RTLS can test if customers took interest in the promotional counter which offer a free sample of new products by observing the number of customers during the activities. Usage of UWB location system is suitable for evaluating the efficiency of marketing campaigns.

 Analysis of conversion

The location system can help you count the number of people in the store every-day and calculate conversion rates to monitor the operational conditions. Also you can find out the hot time or the most popular days in a week and make detailed plan or adjustments to improve sales.