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UWB real-time location system in warehouse

- Jan 11, 2019 -


Warehouse is an important part of the production process and the management is associated with the operation costs of factories. Inefficient warehouse operations can lead the items lost or delay because workers need to take more time to find materials. And even the irrational forklift management can pose a safety hazard .Therefore , it is crucial that materials and assets requires more intelligent control and precise location.


Problems :

1. There are a large of goods and materials in the warehouse and will take much time to find items or miss them and then directly affect the production efficiency.

2. Forklift is a common production tool , but the mobility of forklift trucks may pose a safety accidents and the unclear location of forklift can make production scheduling more difficult or delay the production process.


1. PDA Location

By binding the UWB TAG with the operator’s PDA . When the PDA scan the bar code of goods ,we can achieve the location of goods and can track the flow of materials.



2. PALLET Location

For the quick items search ,we can adopt the UWB real-time location system ,install the UWB tag on the pallet and the location anchor on the column or the warehouse wall to get the pallet accurate location timely.Because the pallet is bound with the goods,combined with the warehouse management ,managers can quickly achieve the goods location .

uwb location in warehouse

3.  FORKLIFT Location

To get the real-time location of the forklift ,the location anchor should be installed on the wall or load-bearing column rather than ceiling ,the tag can be installed on the forklift, and can't affect the normal operation of the forklift.consequently,managers can improve the efficiency of forklift scheduling.


In conclusion,by PDA location and the pallet location ,we can directly get the goods location and reduce the time to search and reduce process delays and improve productivity.what's more,we can strength the out-put-in storage management and realize accurate storage and query by the PDA location. Finally ,the forklift location can reduce the crash events and reduce the lost.In addition, managers can rational schedule the forklift to improve production efficiency.