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- Jan 23, 2018 -


UWB RTLS in factory consists of anchors that are mounted on walls and tags that are attached to tracked objects. Redbat RTLS is FCC certified and therefore secure for mission-critical applications. The design of RTLS is scalable so it can be easily deployed to track hundreds of objects on an assembly line. The API interface allows the system to be integrated into any existing proprietary QMS.

UWB RTLS in Factory primary features will give your automation and monitoring tools unique advantage over your competitors:

●Positioning accuracy: ranging accuracy of 10 cm, positioning accuracy of 3-20cm

●Label / Node Density: The data rate is 6.8 Mbps

●Label Battery Life: Very low power consumption

●Infrastructure costs: A single anchor covers a distance of 100 meters, reducing the deployment of infrastructure costs

●FCC certification technology

●Open API seamless integration

●For quick and easy installation

●Easily scalable and extendable system

UWB RTLS in factory is a critical part in any modern manufacturing quality assurance solution. Detecting the precise location of assets enables to monitor the execution of every single operation on the assembly line. Moreover, it enables to build restricted areas in critical environments to prevent accidents or security breaches.

Maintaining a real time view of all operations, throughput, stock and component levels is critical to the efficient monitoring of the modern automated factory. A new breed of monitoring tools now ensures component stocks are kept at the optimum level, monitors the level of productivity, and ensures stock is distributed to markets in a timely fashion.