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Warehouse intelligent management system

- May 08, 2018 -

With the rapid development of modern logistics and the urgent need for information, higher requirements have been placed on the management of forklifts, vehicles, objects, and personnel in warehouses. In order to reduce human error, reduce the intensity of manual labor, strengthen vehicle management and scheduling, strengthen the management of materials, and optimize operational processes to ensure the quality  of goods and the safe and efficient operation of all work, warehousing logistics needs a complete management program to improve the wisdom of the factory Management level.


Woxu REDBAT System has launched a high-precision warehousing personnel and material positioning program. This program is mainly used for regional control and tracking of personnel, vehicles, and material activities, real-time control of the latest dynamic information. By positioning the positioning base station in the warehouse, the targeted personnel, vehicles, and materials are tagged, and the location information of people, vehicles, and objects is located and tracked in real time, and then transmitted to the system platform through the network to achieve real-time positioning of the staff. Real-time positioning of important assets, safety collision alarms, data analysis and processing to improve the management of warehousing and logistics.


The REDBAT system is based on UWB technology to provide positioning solutions for various industries. UWB is a carrierless communication technology that uses nanosecond to picosecond non-sinusoidal narrow pulses to transmit data. Positioning accuracy up to 3cm-1m, suitable for indoor and outdoor positioning. Compared with other positioning technologies, it has unique advantages. Strong anti-interference performance, high transmission rate, large system capacity and very low transmission power.

Solution realization

  • In the warehouse area, a base station is set and the goods, forklifts, and  staffing tags are used; real-time, seamless and efficient positioning  of goods, forklifts, and people inside and outside the storage area is achieved, and indoor map information is acquired at the same time.

  • The application can expand label management, base station management, map interaction, hot zone map, trajectory query, hazard alarm, electronic fence, mobile terminal, camera linkage, SMS alarm, real-time monitoring, access control linkage, video linkage, two-vote association, inspection Associations, etc.

Function introduction

1、Material management function
Real-time  location of materials, information such as material number, material type, storage time, delivery time, destination, etc., uploaded to the server and displayed in the information column of material management, which facilitates the rapid inventory and recall of the warehouse.

2、People/vehicle real-time positioning
Real-time monitoring of the position, movement, and status of personnel, materials and forklifts; playback of trajectories of people walking or moving the vehicle, facilitating the implementation of related work on employee data statistics and dispatching personnel.

3、Safe collision warning
According to the set regional activity range and activity time, once people, vehicles, and objects leave the specified range or exceed the time, the system immediately judges the anomaly and triggers an alarm, which is conducive to the timely detection of anomalies by the enterprise and corresponding measures are taken.