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WOXU location system application for Industry 4.0(二)

- Dec 26, 2018 -

The last article we discussed the location of workers in factories, industry machine and materials also should be precisely located to improve safety management.



Factory managers can make sure the right machines are working on the right workstations by the precise positioning system. Actually, the output of the same model equipment will be different because of different configurations. 

For the lean manufacturing, each machine must be on the specified workstation to ensure products quality. Besides, the working hours of the machine can be recorded and analyzed to get their maintenance period and forecast potential risks.



The management of material can be much important in the industry 4.0 and directly determine the efficiency of the manufacturing process. 

It is common for many factories that they don’t know their warehouse specific condition, thus they need to strength out-put-in storage management. The materials will be bounded with WOXU UWB location tags when entering the warehouse and system will record time, quantity, location and other information. When the materials are picked out of the warehouse, the location system will update information and feedback to material management system. 

By collecting and tracking these data, factories can make a rational inventory cycle time and flexibly cooperate with their suppliers. The material required time in each process and waiting time for next process and other information can be clearly accounted to rule out problems during the production line.


WOXU location system application for Industry 4.0(一)