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WOXU location system application for Industry 4.0(一)

- Dec 26, 2018 -


The concept of industry 4.o was pointed out by the German government in 2012 .It means that people can make use of the cyber-physical system to digitize the supply、manufacture and sales information in the production process in order to realize the effective supply of product. Thus, factories need more accurate location of workers、machine and materials to make correct decisions.

WOXU has been focused on high precision real time location system for several years and the accuracy of people and objects positioning can reach 0.3-0.5 meters, the accuracy of robot location can get 0.1 meters. Also, WOXU can meet the need of large-scale scene positioning and precisely track about ten thousand objects in a factory to manage the warehouse and working site with high efficiency.

More and more factories want to get accurate location of staff、machine and materials. where are workers and if they should stay there? where are machines and if it are used by other areas incorrectly or out of the service? where is the specific location of materials in the warehouse and if the inbound and outbound process is rational.

WOXU has been dedicated to provide customers three aspects solutions based on IOT system.



We can get the real location of people in the factory by installing Ultra Wide-Band location anchors in the factory and ask workers to wear our location tags (wrist tags) to improve the management.

First, safety management, if workers enter the dangerous areas or keep unsafe distance in dangerous places and the location tag can give them alarm to avoid accidents. And the UWB location tags are equipped with SOS button. The range of People and forklift will be controlled to prevent crash.

Secondly, managers can know the precise working time of employees and deal with payment, furthermore ,they also can know how much time they spend on production line and how much time they spend on machines maintenance and then to improve the working efficiency. Also, they can achieve the time required for each process according to the location in order to evaluate production efficiency.

WOXU location system application for Industry 4.0(二)