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A Module That Can Be Used In A Variety Of Environments

- Jan 19, 2018 -

A Spanish guest purchased the UWB module, UM-210A, in our company, integrating the UWB module into the customer's own product for secondary development.

UM-210A is a UWB RF module with MCU, high precision, high power with a very high price for high-precision ranging / positioning integration, has the following key features:

     ● -24dBm / MHz

     ● High sensitivity

     ● High precision

     ● MMCX antenna interface

     ● SPI / UART interface


The Spanish guest, who bought back the UWB module and integrated it with the product, provided solutions to the people in the sport. Through our UWB positioning technology, we can locate athletes, test athletes' physical condition, integrate body data with athletic data, and help event teams to make better planning and analysis.