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Congratulations to Woxu for Joining Huawei's ELTE Industry Alliance

- May 17, 2018 -

Recently, Nanjing Woxu Wireless Co., Ltd. officially joined Huawei's eLTE industry alliance and became an important partner of Huawei's eLTE ecosystem.

The company will enter into global markets with many partners around the world in the industry alliance to jointly promote the construction of the Internet of Things and smart cities.


Huawei's eLTE industry alliance 

The eLTE Industry Alliance was established in February 2014. It is committed to establishing a harmonious industrial wireless broadband partner ecosystem, promoting the standardization of broadband clusters, and promoting the healthy, comprehensive and rapid development of the industry's wireless broadband industry.

With the development of smart cities, information technology has been widely used, and cluster data, IoT, broadband access and other services are booming. The eLTE alliance solution brings new possibilities to industry applications.

In order to adapt to the development trend creatively, it is co-evolved with the traditional private network industry chain to promote upstream and downstream participation in the largest range, and the eLTE industry alliance has emerged as a response to quickly establish the next-generation broadband private network ecosystem.

Realize the transition from narrowband to broadband in the wireless private network industry and better serve customers in the industry.

The eLTE Industry Alliance now has 106 partners in 26 countries. Alliance members widely cover various types of manufacturers in the industry chain, including: industry customers, private network operators, integrators, application developers, and industry terminal providers. The eLTE Industry Alliance has played an increasingly important role in promoting eLTE solutions in a wide range of applications in different industries, solution innovation, and joint marketing.


The 5th Huawei eLTE Industry Alliance Summit

 Woxu's unique advantages

As the first national high-tech enterprise developed by UWB in China, Woxu successfully joined Huawei's eLTE industry alliance with its accurate real-time location information service and years of mature project cases.

Woxu provides real-time location information services for industries such as Industry 4.0, petrochemicals, power plants/substations, tunnel galleries, e-commerce retail, and training sports, and has leading differentiated security and intelligence management solutions in various industries to meet customer needs. Provide data support for the construction and development of smart cities and build a healthy and mature eLTE ecosystem.

Full-featured application platform

      While focusing on real-time precise positioning technology, Woxu is also constantly developing more platform application functions for customers in various industries. At present, Woxu's precise location information management platform has the following functions:

● Real-time location display and monitoring

● Historical track query

● Electronic fence management

● Area automatic alarm

● Video linkage, multi-angle viewing of live pictures

● Counting the number of labels and their entry and exit in the corresponding area

● Custom organization structure and employee information management

● Setting user rights, data viewing, and operation rights management

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