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From The Winter Olympic Games, The Importance Of The Wisdom Movement

- Mar 02, 2018 -

Recently, the important event that can not be ignored is the PyeongChang Winter Olympics ended, let us look forward to Beijing Olympic Winter Games.

To achieve outstanding results, the daily training of athletes is very important. Scientific management of athletes can better formulate training plans, provide guidance to athletes, optimize personnel deployment, and optimize the field staffing queue or specify various offensive and defensive mode.

Nanjing Woxu Wireless Co.,Ltd. Redbat wisdom sports positioning solutions for the training of athletes provides a location information services, real-time positioning of athletes position, real-time understanding of the status of athletes and training data acquisition, the training effect of assessment, which will facilitate the training of scientific management.

system structure

The UWB anchor layout around the stadium, athletes wear positioning tags, you can view the athlete's position and track in real time. Not only athletes, but also sports labels such as football, basketball, volleyball and other sports equipment can be placed in real-time position of sports equipment, combined with the athlete's position for scientific data analysis.

Function realization and characteristic

● Real-time location and track
   Coaches or field staff through the application side, real-time view of the athletes and sports equipment, location and motion trails, location information at a glance.
● Regional settings and monitoring
   Coaches can be designated by the client a certain area, personnel positions through the area offensive and defensive layout, making it an important basis for decision analysis.
● Historical track playback
   After training, you can view the athlete training position data through the application side, field data analysis, the development of scientific training programs.
● Easy to secondary development
   Positioning engine provides API interface for customers to carry out a variety of application development.

The actual case

Nanjing Woxu Wireless Co.,Ltd. has a mature case of intellectual movement.
Cooperate with Gengee for player and football positioning system.
And a university in Zhejiang, the middle and long distance data analysis.
Cooperation with a company in the United States, venue positioning