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Highlights In IOTE(Shenzhen)2018

- Aug 06, 2018 -

Highlights in IOTE(Shenzhen)2018

During July 31-August 2, the tenth IOTE came to a successful conclusion in Shenzhen 

exhibition center. The exhibition has a unprecedented scale, assembled over 700 internet 

of things enterprise to participate in, the total scale exceeds 50000m2, to attract 

plenty of countries and areas professionals. WoXu as the first domestic UWB product 

research and development of high-tech enterprises, WoXu attend the entire exhibition, 

attract many professionals to visit and negotiate.


WoXu experienced 6 years highly development, has more advantage in location precision、

radio-frequency technique、product integration and application development and other 

technique. As so far, product and system have been applied a wide range of power plant、

chemical plant、industrial 4.0、the tunnel、coal mine、warehouse logistics、intelligent 

retail、movement, etc. And creates more value for clients in safety and efficiency.

During the exhibition, WoXu around the “Stride forward and accomplish great things, 

rooted in China and service to the global” theme, launched location service management 

platform、mature industry solutions and a series of UWB location products; at the same 

time, WoXu presented location service management platform at the exhibition, perfectly 

show the real-time location information, historical route, electronic fence, SOS ,etc. 

And these demos attract many clients and make them stop to experience and consult.



Based on the communication and demonstration of exhibition, WoXu become more confident in 

demand trends of highly precision location marketing, depend on deep technology 

accumulation and fast response to implement, WoXu will continue play an important role in 

highly precision location. As the leader of IR-UWB product application enterprise, WoXu 

will continue to create, and satisfy the demand of clients about safety and efficiency.