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UWB Positioning System Solutions! Application Analysis Of Indoor Positioning Industry

- Dec 12, 2017 -

First, the factory warehouse

Application Background: The modern manufacturing industry produces a large number of equipment, a vast production workshop and a large number of production workers.

UWB intelligent positioning system can help achieve:

1) Safety management of production engineering to further improve production efficiency and break through the production bottleneck;

2) intelligent management of staff and maintenance of production equipment.

System functions:

1) Reduce the workload of manual attendance and improve employee attendance;

2) Improve the utilization efficiency of materials and equipment and reduce the labor management costs;

3) The special area limits the entry and exit of personnel and personnel retention time to achieve safety management;

4) automatic repair equipment to eliminate missed inspection;

5) real-time display personnel dynamic information, to achieve dynamic management of personnel;

6) timely response to special circumstances, to protect staff safety.

II. Judicial / prison

Application Background: The current prison supervision methods have the following problems:

1. Can not grasp the real-time location of personnel;

2. Manual named time-consuming effort;

3. illegal use of mobile phones or other communication tools;

4. Poor management integration, poor response to emergencies and so on.

UWB prison positioning system can effectively solve:

1. Make up for management loopholes and reduce the risk of regulatory enforcement (eg prevention of abnormal deaths);

2 liberate police force, reduce costs and improve work efficiency;

3. Change passive regulation into active regulation, reach the goal of prevention in advance, take control of things and verify the new management thoughts afterwards;

4. Enhance the supervision of intelligent perception, three-dimensional control, rapid disposal and precision service capabilities.

Third, hospitals / nursing homes

Application background: 3 hours queuing for 3 minutes, which is the current typical medical treatment. Most of the patient's time may be squandered in the parking lot, looking for departments, registered queuing, and sometimes after checking the registered experts have been off work, you need another day to come.

To save patient time and improve the efficiency of medical treatment, you can use UWB positioning nursing home positioning system:

1. To provide positioning and navigation, personnel management, material supervision, neonatal real-time monitoring, emergency rescue and other functions;

2. To solve the mobile ward, mobile care, neonatal supervision, medical equipment supervision, material supervision.