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UWB Technology Applications

- Dec 12, 2017 -

UWB and other traditional narrow-band radio frequency (RF) and spread spectrum technology (SS), such as Bluetooth, 802.11a / b / g difference is very large. UWB uses the extra bandwidth of the RF spectrum to pass data. UWB can deliver more data over time than conventional technologies.

UWB technology for a variety of WPAN applications. include:

- Replace cables with wireless connections between portable multimedia consumer electronics devices such as camcorders and digital cameras and MP3 players.

- Enables high-speed wireless USB connectivity between PC and PC add-in, including printers, scanners, and external storage.

- Replaces a wired connection to next-generation Bluetooth technology devices such as 3G handsets, PC / CE / mobile devices based on IP / UPnP and next-generation IP.

- Establish ad-hoc (point-to-point) high-rate wireless connection between CEs, PCs and mobile devices.