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Why UWB Positioning Will Be Widely Used In Indoor Positioning Industry?

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Unlike GPS, UWB positioning is mainly used for indoor high-precision positioning, for a certain space to get the location information of people or things. Can be said that in recent years, indoor positioning in the retail, catering, logistics, manufacturing, chemical, power, medical and other industries have shown a broad market prospects.

In this context, technologies such as Bluetooth Positioning, Wi-Fi Positioning, UWB Positioning, and RFID Positioning have entered the market one after another, contributing a number of proven location service solutions to the indoor positioning needs of different industries. Market attention and acceptance of UWB positioning (UWB) have increased significantly in recent years.

UWB positioning applications more and more widely, prison detention centers, general hospitals, factories, airports, parking lots and other places for positioning and navigation needs are also gradually increasing.

Prisons detention center hopes to use UWB positioning technology to achieve prison prisoner intelligent monitoring, such as real-time access to prisoners location information, cross-border automatic alarm, the number can only count.

Hospital nursing homes hope that real-time positioning of medical equipment for quick call when needed; hope to elderly, special patient positioning and monitoring to prevent its occurrence of accidents.

High-risk factories need to locate personnel and equipment location information management, to prevent accidents and so on.

The main advantages of UWB positioning are low power consumption, insensitivity to channel fading (such as multipath and non-line-of-sight channels), strong anti-interference ability, no interference to other devices in the same environment, and high penetration (Can penetrate the wall of a brick environment for positioning), with a high positioning accuracy and positioning accuracy.