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WiFi For Wireless Multimedia Transmission Has Obvious Advantages

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Now in the wireless transmission of high-quality video transmission, nothing more than taken WHDI, UWB, WiFi, WirelessHD and other technologies. But no matter what kind of wireless technology, the transmission bandwidth and distance are considered key points, WirelessHD, UWB wide bandwidth can even transfer uncompressed high-definition video, but in the transmission distance is greatly restricted , About 10 meters. Others using WiFi or WHDI technology can transmit long distances (about tens of meters), but due to bandwidth limitations, the video needs to be compressed for transmission.

In addition to the bandwidth and distance, it is also important to be able to transmit stably, so the maturity of the transmission technology becomes quite important. WiFi for many years, technically mature.

Wireless transmission technology, in fact, has been developing for some time, but with the recent years, a substantial increase in display resolution and the increasing popularity of high-definition video, in the past the old wireless transmission technology began to face bottlenecks, the newly developed technology To be the test of the market, in the case of mass production can not be mass, the high cost, but also the biggest obstacle to achieving universal access.