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WoXu Helped Launch The Sino-Germany Intergovernmental Cooperation Project

- Jul 11, 2018 -

June 4-5, the Sino-Germany intergovernmental cooperation project "based on 3D real-time location information of intelligent factory logistics optimization and collision avoidance technology study" was held successfully in the research and development center of the Bosch Rexroth (Changzhou) co., LTD.,. The meeting was planned by Bosch Rexroth planning, Tongji University, Bosch in China, Germany Kaiserslauten University of Technology, Robot as GmbH project director, WoXu attended the meeting and made a speech, the convening of the meeting on behalf of the Sino-Germany cooperation project between research work official start.

The meeting is divided into two stages. In the first stage, the project introduction, project management and other topics were given speeches and discussions, and the specific objectives of the project were confirmed. Second stage around the "real-time 3D indoor positioning of logistics optimization and collision avoidance technology" were given depth discussion, and confirm the time plan and the core of key technology of the project, finally agreed on the task assignment.


In this project, real-time 3D indoor positioning technology based on inertial ultra-broadband is adopted to provide accurate 3D location information of personnel and equipment in real time. Physics based on the information fusion of ideal, through the real-time perception of the state of the object in the field, based on the logistics optimization of model and logistics guidance of combination with reality and fantasy, research intelligent logistics optimization method and technology of production unit, support personalized logistics and protection of personnel and dangerous equipment. Finally, a typical drive and control equipment manufacturing enterprise solution is designed for demonstration certification. Finally through the study of cooperation projects, strengthen the communication of Sino-Germany both in intelligent manufacturing concept, method, technology, integrating various resources, to achieve elasticity of industrial 4.0 production unit and efficient logistics to provide technical support and overall solutions.


       In the project, WoXu as the first domestic UWB product research and development of high-tech enterprises, gives full play to the advantages of UWB positioning technology, the stability of the real-time accurate location information for the projects, continuous innovation and development, WoXu will continue to learn, to make contribution in a Sino-Germany intergovernmental cooperation project.