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Woxu Won The 2017 China's Most Influential Internet Of Things Positioning Enterprise Award

- Mar 22, 2018 -

 On March 19, 2018, the results of the "2017 IOT Stars - China's Internet of Things Industry Annual Selection" were announced.

Nanjing Woxu Wireless Co., Ltd. has been recognized by 500  experts on the Internet of Things for its IR-UWB products, accurate  positioning technology and mature project cases.In the end, it won the 2017 Most Influential Internet of Things Positioning Enterprise Award in China.


Nanjing WoXu Wireless Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, Woxu is the first domestic-based IR-UWB product development of high-tech enterprises, also the world's top indoor precision positioning chip manufacturers designated the only domestic partners.

Wo Xu in 2013 focused on wireless high-precision positioning system development and sales, the team has a number of software copyright and invention of new patents, positioning accuracy, radio frequency technology, product integration and application development have their own advantages.

Redbat System:

The  company independently researches and develops the Redbat system to  provide precise positioning solutions for various industries.Redbat  system has the characteristics of high positioning accuracy, large  system capacity, wide coverage, strong anti-interference, easy secondary  development, and flexible networking.

The  application can have functions such as tag management, base station  management, map interaction, hot zone map, trajectory query, hazard  alarm, electronic fence, mobile terminal, video linkage, SMS alarm,  real-time monitoring, access control linkage, two-vote association, and  inspection association. .The Redbat system has been maturely applied in national and overseas projects.