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UWB RTLS Application In Tunnel

UWB RTLS Application In Tunnel

The working environment in tunnel is complex and risky because of the dim light and large equipment and so on. UWB RTLS application in the tunnel can locate construction workers in real time and greatly reduce accidents to improve the personnel safety management.

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The working environment in tunnel is complex and risky because of the dim light and large equipment and so on.It is the key issue that how to strengthen the control and reduce the accidents in tunnel construction process.

Safety Problems In Tunnel Construction

1. Complexity of Engineering Geology

2. Can’t gain workers’ location in real time

3. Traditional Routine inspection can’t check every signal link

4. Difficult to guarantee the rescue due to the he deep underground construction environment


Program Object

1. This UWB real time location system is designed for the workers location in a long tunnel that located in SICHUAN and require the the water proof location equipment to suit the special working environment.

2.This UWB RTLS must accurately count the people and vehicles in the construction scene,in addition,the system can confirm the people location coordinates,play back the history track and automatically set alarms if the target people enter dangerous areas or keep still for a long time there.

3.Considering the positioning area keep pushing forward , the location system should be flexible and easy to built and maintain.of course,the UWB RTLS can work without interruption during the construction process because it provides data for the safety management and directly affect construction workers personnel safety.

System architecture


Technical equipment

This program requires UWB location anchor UA-300WO,UWB location tag UT-205.

UWB RTLS in tunnel


UWB RTLS in tunnel construction

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