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UWB Asset TAG -lower Power Waste

UWB Asset TAG -lower Power Waste

UT-230N : It is the asset TAG,the lower power waste TAG in your application. When you set the smart sleep mode, the lifespan for UT-230 will be longer than normal TAG.

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The typical testing structure is as below:

in TDoA mode : Select the testing time is 10s,the average current is 0.56ma in 10 cycles, PASS.

TOF MODE:Select the testing time is 10s, the average current is 0.81ma in 10 cycles, pass.

When the TAG is in sleep or in static, the average power waste is in 0.03ma in 10 cycles. PASS

You also can set this asset TAG in smart sleep mode, the lifespan about the battery in asset TAG will be longer. Power consumption is economic for this asset TAG--UT-230. 

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