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UWB Location Tag For RTLS

This UWB Location Tag For RTLS UT-212 is the thinnest UWB location tag with water proof function on the market that support objects indoor positioning and can fit customer's specific needs in logistics . Also,the UWB location tag can analyze walking routes by tracking people with high precision.

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*Water proof

*802.15.4a UWB

*High power, in line of sight 100m

*On-board antenna built -in

*Rechargeable lithium battery

*Three axis Sensor

*Over release protection


UWB Location Tag For RTLS 2.jpg   

  UWB Location Tag For RTLS

UWB Location Tag For RTLS.jpg   

 UWB Location Tag For RTLS

UWB Location Tag For RTLS-3.jpg   

 UWB Location Tag For RTLS


Product name:  UWB Location Tag For RTLS  UT-212

Standard : 802.15.4a

Rechargeable interface : Magnetic absorption

Battery capacity: 440mAh

Refresh rate : 0.5~20Hz(adjustable)


one UWB Location Tag UT-212

one  magnetic absoption cable

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