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UWB TAG -asset Tag

UWB TAG -asset Tag

Goods, asset, materials can be found fast and reliably by implementing UWB location system.

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UT-230: UWB asset TAG

Goods, asset, materials can be found fast and reliably by implementing UWB location system.




In warehouse there are several thousand goods which are stored and processed by vehicles (forklift, pallet trucks, driverless transport vehicles, etc.). Sometimes we found that goods are not always located at the expected or best possible location. Sometimes assets are undetectable or not delivery in time.  In many cases employees need much time to search for goods, which lead to delays and high costs.


UWB Solution will offer you 30-50cm accuracy for the position of the vehicles and pallets and so on for the materials or assets on them. Help employees catch the information about the vehicle or materials in real-time.



                                                                                 Typical UWB Structure

The real-time location system will be displayed on a actual digital mapposition which is accessible via app and web interface. The real-time location data is calculated automatically in WOXU LS-1000 software engine. If a vehicle with goods on it will be late, you can check in time. Thus, it is possible to intervene in time. WOXU UWB location system also calculates the best runways and can be connected to the merchandise management system (ERP) to make sure all materials are available at any time. 

Each vehicle can read out an item’s ID from a short distance. The correlation between the identification time of the goods and the position data of the vehicle enables a monitoring of the entire transport chain.


UT-230N main feature:

Wide temperature: -20℃~70℃

Long time battery endurance: 22months no need to chargeable

Smart sleep

Easy to be adhere to the metal surface by magnetic absorption


                                                                                  UT-230 :UWB TAG 

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