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About Our Team

About Our Team

WOXU offers real time precision location system, mainly using the UWB, WiFi, BLE, GPS and other; technologies; to provide the positioning of people and objects including indoor and outdoor  positioning. WoXu has been dedicated to help our clients improve control efficiency and safety; management.Our positioning system had been widely applied in Industry 4.0, Smart Retail, smart; Sports and other industries.


WOXU is one of the world's top indoor and outdoor precision positioning manufacturers in China.WOXU has a professional technical team that owns a number of software copyrights and invention of new patents. WOXU has unique features in RTLS accuracy, radio frequency technology, product inte-gration and application development. The high precision with centimeter level UWB solution hadbeen widely used by our partners from all over the world.






2018     Won the IoT Industry Alliance "China's Most Influential Internet of Things Positioning Enterprise


2018     Launch of watch type TAG, Multi-function self -location Tag

2018     Further development of the anchor with long range

2018     Partnership with Huawei

2018     Strengthening of the outdoor explosion-proof anchor

2018     Implementation of mine solution in several mines.


2017     Approved by China Ministry of Science and Technology to Carry out Sino-German science  and 

             technology project cooperation.

2017     Started to offer solutions for Tunnels, smart medical treatment, smart retail

2017     Won New Technology and New Product Achievements Award for Excellence on the World

             Technology IoTExpo


2016     Certified by ISO9001 quality management system
2016     Certified by Intellectual Property Management System

2016     Developed the first generation of explosion-proof products and completed the first chemical

             industry project.

2016     Application for Industry 4.0, Smart Power Plant, Robot


2015     Start the overseas sales

2015     Enter the field of smart sports

2015     Build the business relationship with BOSCH


2014     Developed the first generation of products


2013     Began to focus on the development of UWB high-precision positioning technology


2012   Woxu was established in 2012