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Real-time Location System

The Real-time Location system having centimeter-level positioning, the system capacity and wide coverage and strong anti-interference advantages.
  • Positioning And Workplace Safety In The Chemical Plant
    Positioning And Workplace Safety In The Chemical Plant
    For the traditional chemical plants,it is difficult to get the real time location of workers and carry out timely rescue operations if accidents occurs and cause a great loss.The project is designed to realize Personnel positioning around refinery installations,make sure...
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  • RTLS Tracking
    RTLS Tracking
    RTLS System not only can deliver "Where", but also make your "stop and support" on request.
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  • Staff Management Apply For Exhibition
    Staff Management Apply For Exhibition
    With the latest IoT positioning technology, Woxu has introduced a high-precision positioning management system based on UWB technology apply to exhibition, combining real-time positioning with traditional supervision methods to make the exhibition hall smarter and smarter for...
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  • Logistics Management System --Pallet Location
    Logistics Management System --Pallet Location
    Logistics management system——Pallet location 1. Project demand Through the use of new information technology, through the positioning management of goods, to enhance the effect of finding goods, so as to provide customers with a safe, reliable, efficient, cost-effective...
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  • Indoor Positioning System
    Indoor Positioning System
    Provide accurate personnel positioning data for legal purposes. A complete set of personnel positioning system with intelligent monitoring management, alarm, real-time positioning and tracking of field personnel is established. At the same time, it can effectively...
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  • UWB Location For Logistics
    UWB Location For Logistics
    Woxu supply the newest UWB location solution, will bind the UWB TAG with the operator’s PDA and the system can Precisely positioning each outgoing and warehousing operation.
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  • RTLS Solution For Mine
    RTLS Solution For Mine
    Fatalities and injuries in mining not only affects the physical safety and well-being of workers, but it has the potential to bring operations to a halt – a risk to the job security of millions of workers in the mining industry. Coal mine one-dimensional positioning Basic...
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  • Real Time Positioning Systems To Construction Worker
    Real Time Positioning Systems To Construction Worker
    The solution introduction The site personnel safety management system adopts advanced UWB technology, based on TOF technology to achieve accurate positioning of personnel, positioning accuracy of up to 30cm. The system has a wide coverage. A single base station can achieve...
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  • Underground Personnel Real-time Positioning System In UWB
    Underground Personnel Real-time Positioning System In UWB
    Underground Personnel Real-time Positioning System in UWB,Underground personnel real-time positioning solution
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  • Storage Real Time Location System
    Storage Real Time Location System
    This project is a large warehouse logistics enterprise, at present the goods in and out of the high frequency, large quantity and a lot of people, there are unable to track search after cargo warehousing, look for goods or goods would happen, leading to problems such as...
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  • RTLS In Construction Site
    RTLS In Construction Site
    The use of advanced personnel positioning system can effectively enhance the on-site construction workers and technical personnel safety management. Real-time positioning on-site staff, intuitively reflect the factory operations and personnel conditions, improve staff...
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  • RTLS In Factory
    RTLS In Factory
    RTLS in FACTORY provide online and offline applications to enhance your manufacturing process. It provides support to day-to-day employees by providing real-time manufacturing intelligence and control, identifying opportunities to increase efficiency and improve profitability.
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