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  • UWB Anchor For RTLS Indoor-outdoor Positioning
    UWB Anchor For RTLS Indoor-outdoor Positioning
    The uwb anchor is suitable for indoor and outdoor positioning and supports ceiling、wall hanging two installation methods.This UWB anchor which can offer indoor and outdoor positioning adopts power over Ethernet technology and can provide about 100 m positioning range.
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  • Ultra Wide-band Locator Tag
    Ultra Wide-band Locator Tag
    This location tag with high precision and high power adopts the Ultra wide-band technology.This type of locator tag is commonly applied to the positioning of personnel as working cards or armbands.Also,the high capacity Li-battery can offer longer service life compared to...
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  • Indoor Positioning Locator Node
    Indoor Positioning Locator Node
    The uwb indoor positioning locator node UA-300w is a kind of wireless indoor anchor and can offer long range positioning,working range about 100m, the range precision can reach 5 centimeter.This locator node is suitable for ToF/TDoA two kinds of location methods and is...
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  • Asset Tracking Uwb Tag
    Asset Tracking Uwb Tag
    UT-230 is a kind of asset tracking tag based on UWB technology and can be adsorbed in object by magnet, it can also be fixed by tie. The asset tracking uwb tag adopted battery supply and has voice and Photo electricity, when your location system is in the search mode, LED of...
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  • Positioning And Workplace Safety In The Chemical Plant
    Positioning And Workplace Safety In The Chemical Plant
    For the traditional chemical plants,it is difficult to get the real time location of workers and carry out timely rescue operations if accidents occurs and cause a great loss.The project is designed to realize Personnel positioning around refinery installations,make sure...
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  • High Precision UWB Location Receiver
    High Precision UWB Location Receiver
    This UWB location receiver can be easily install which supports ceiling and wall mounted two methods. the high capacity of battery make the uwb location receiver more durable and can be effective used within two years.
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  • UWB Location Tag For RTLS
    UWB Location Tag For RTLS
    This UWB Location Tag For RTLS UT-212 is the thinnest UWB location tag with water proof function on the market that support objects indoor positioning and can fit customer's specific needs in logistics . Also,the UWB location tag can analyze walking routes by tracking people...
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  • Redbat UWB Location System Engine
    Redbat UWB Location System Engine
    WOXU RTLS Engine :LS-1000 can output real-time location data and is available for intergration into third party apps.LS-1000 is a kind of algorithm for RTLS in WOXU Redbat system.
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  • UWB Asset TAG -lower Power Waste
    UWB Asset TAG -lower Power Waste
    UT-230N : It is the asset TAG,the lower power waste TAG in your application. When you set the smart sleep mode, the lifespan for UT-230 will be longer than normal TAG.
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  • RTLS In Logistics
    RTLS In Logistics
    Warehouse is the heart of supply chains. Inefficient warehouse operations are associated with the emergency of unnecessary costs and delays. WOXU UWB RTLS supply forklift and PDA location system. The tracking system can make at any time the exact location of goods can be...
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  • Outdoor UWB Anchor In Tunnel
    Outdoor UWB Anchor In Tunnel
    A real-time location system based on WOXU UWB Anchor, UWB TAG and system engine is dedicated to help increasing workforce efficiency, safety and productivity in construction sites.
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  • UWB TAG -asset Tag
    UWB TAG -asset Tag
    Goods, asset, materials can be found fast and reliably by implementing UWB location system.
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