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  • RTLS In Logistics
    RTLS In Logistics
    Warehouse is the heart of supply chains. Inefficient warehouse operations are associated with the emergency of unnecessary costs and delays. WOXU UWB RTLS supply forklift and PDA location system. The tracking system can make at any time the exact location of goods can be...
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  • Outdoor UWB Anchor In Tunnel
    Outdoor UWB Anchor In Tunnel
    A real-time location system based on WOXU UWB Anchor, UWB TAG and system engine is dedicated to help increasing workforce efficiency, safety and productivity in construction sites.
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  • UWB TAG -asset Tag
    UWB TAG -asset Tag
    Goods, asset, materials can be found fast and reliably by implementing UWB location system.
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  • The Thinnest TAG UT-212
    The Thinnest TAG UT-212
    One of the thinnest UWB TAG on the market UT-212 is developed for material and people both, supports TDoA & TOF two working modes.
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  • Long Range Tag
    Long Range Tag
    UT-206-H is a kind of UWB TAG with centimeter precision R&D by WOXU. This tag can be wristband & helmet and other ways to be worm. Support TOF&TDoA.
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  • Outdoor Long Range
    Outdoor Long Range
    UA-180-HO is IEEE802.15.4a UWB anchor developed by WOXU, supports TOF & TDoA . This anchor is specially designed for long range with high power, in line of sight, can reach 300m. Applied in tunnel, underground and so on.
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  • UM-103 Case Study
    UM-103 Case Study
    For overseas marketing, we supply centimeter level accuracy UWB module. We provide hardware, software and RF reference designs for various applications and MCU platforms so that you can focus on your own area of expertise and reduce your time to market.
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  • RTLS Tracking
    RTLS Tracking
    RTLS System not only can deliver "Where", but also make your "stop and support" on request.
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  • UWB TAG-Watch Type
    UWB TAG-Watch Type
    UWB TAG -Watch type, can be wearable, it is designed for people to wear with centimeter high precision. This watch type TAG includes :UWB、BLE、NFC technology, which will be used in all kinds of industry fields. Battery is inside. The UWB watch type TAG supports voice and step...
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  • UWB Apply For Smart Supermarket
    UWB Apply For Smart Supermarket
    With the latest IoT positioning technology, Woxu has introduced a high-precision positioning system based on UWB technology. Combine the shopping cart and the tags in supermarket to realize real-time location of the shopping cart. These location data are provided to the...
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  • Staff Management Apply For Exhibition
    Staff Management Apply For Exhibition
    With the latest IoT positioning technology, Woxu has introduced a high-precision positioning management system based on UWB technology apply to exhibition, combining real-time positioning with traditional supervision methods to make the exhibition hall smarter and smarter for...
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  • Logistics Management System --Pallet Location
    Logistics Management System --Pallet Location
    Logistics management system——Pallet location 1. Project demand Through the use of new information technology, through the positioning management of goods, to enhance the effect of finding goods, so as to provide customers with a safe, reliable, efficient, cost-effective...
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