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RTLS In Warehouse

  • UWB Location For Logistics
    UWB Location For Logistics
    Background Operation in the warehouse is operated by operator based on the library position information will lead to some unavoidable mistake. Woxu supply the newest UWB location solution, will bind the UWB TAG with the operator’s PDA. Precise positioning of each single...
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  • Storage Real Time Location System
    Storage Real Time Location System
    This project is a large warehouse logistics enterprise, at present the goods in and out of the high frequency, large quantity and a lot of people, there are unable to track search after cargo warehousing, look for goods or goods would happen, leading to problems such as...
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  • Real-time Location System in Forklift
    Real-time Location System in Forklift
    Product name: Forklift real-time location system Forklift high precision positioning system Forklift location solution Program introduction The mobility of forklift trucks may pose a safety hazard. How to improve the production efficiency through the analysis of forklift...
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  • Forklift High Precision Positioning System
    Forklift High Precision Positioning System
    Product name: Tunnel real-time location system Tunnel high precision positioning system Tunnel location solution Why you need it? Safety: Reduce forklift collision events Accurate: Real-time coordinates, accurate tracking Scientific: Digital supervision and management Fast:...
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