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UWB Tag with card type, wristband type, helmet type, car type and material type, can be suitable for different environments to wear.
  • UWB TAG -asset Tag
    UWB TAG -asset Tag
    Goods, asset, materials can be found fast and reliably by implementing UWB location system.
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  • The Thinnest TAG UT-212
    The Thinnest TAG UT-212
    One of the thinnest UWB TAG on the market UT-212 is developed for material and people both, supports TDoA & TOF two working modes.
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  • Long Range Tag
    Long Range Tag
    UT-206-H is a kind of UWB TAG with centimeter precision R&D by WOXU. This tag can be wristband & helmet and other ways to be worm. Support TOF&TDoA.
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  • UWB TAG-Watch Type
    UWB TAG-Watch Type
    UWB TAG -Watch type, can be wearable, it is designed for people to wear with centimeter high precision. This watch type TAG includes :UWB、BLE、NFC technology, which will be used in all kinds of industry fields. Battery is inside. The UWB watch type TAG supports voice and step...
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  • RTLS Wearable System For Construction Sites
    RTLS Wearable System For Construction Sites
    In addition to focusing on asset management and improving production efficiency, the construction site requires personnel and real-time management of personal safety more urgently. In the traditional management method, it is high security risks in the construction site. ...
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  • Card Type Tag
    Card Type Tag
    Product Description The card-type tag is based on the UWB technology developed card-based positioning of the label, the tag can be worn by employees working cards, can also be used as armbands. The tag high precision, high-power, with a very high price. Support TDoA and ToF...
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  • Wrist Tag
    Wrist Tag
    Product Description The wrist tag is a high-precision positioning tag developed based on UWB technology. The tag supports a variety of wearing methods such as wristbands and helmets. Support TDoA and ToF two positioning methods. Packaging & Shipping Wrist tag *1 Power...
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  • Helmet Tag
    Helmet Tag
    Product Description The helmet tag is a high-precision positioning tag developed based on UWB technology. The label supports the way the helmet is worn. Support TDoA and ToF two positioning methods. Packaging & Shipping Helmet tag *1 Power adapter *1 USB cable *1 Our...
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  • Smart Watch
    Smart Watch
    Product Description The smart watch uses UWB positioning technology for high-precision positioning, positioning accuracy of 5cm (standard deviation), compatible with both TDoA and ToF positioning. The team developed an Android and ISO system APP in conjunction with the smart...
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  • Car Tag
    Car Tag
    Product Description The car tag is developed by Nanjing Woxu based on UWB technology, high power, high precision with this model, high performance in more long range reaching. Mainly range with high precision in long range, based on wireless distance perception of ad hoc...
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  • Robot Location Tag
    Robot Location Tag
    Product Description The robot location tag is based on UWB technology that combines high power with high accuracy. ToF positioning method. This type of tag is mainly used for robot or vehicle positioning. Packaging & Shipping Robot location tag *1 WIFI antenna *1 Our...
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  • Asset Tag
    Asset Tag
    Product Description The asset tag for material positioning, the device powered by the battery, the magnet can be used to absorb or tie fixed on the target body, with voice and photoelectric tips. Packaging & Shipping New product, please contact us. Our Services 1....
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