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Underground Personnel Real-time Positioning System In UWB

Underground Personnel Real-time Positioning System In UWB

Underground Personnel Real-time Positioning System in UWB,Underground personnel real-time positioning solution

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Industrial Internet technology, especially mobile Internet technology, has been developing rapidly, but the construction site has not yet found an effective way to integrate with the latest Internet technology.

Therefore, the intelligent management of underground personnel, as the underlying data provider's Internet of things, is the primary solution.

In addition to traditional sensors, it also focuses on the management of assets and personnel, and improves production efficiency while emphasizing the safety of workers.

Summary of Functions

● Realize stereo positioning

It needs to be able to identify the location accuracy of the staff in real time 2m.


● The data playback

The system data is saved to the background database in real time, and all information supports the historical retrieval and playback.


● Group management

System support group management, different groups of people have different permissions.

● Regional warning

In view of some dangerous areas, it is necessary to judge whether access is allowed according to the authority of personnel, and the illegal entry system is detected and the alarm is given in time.

For the authorized personnel to carry out the static detection in the area, the system gives warning information when the personnel is not active for a long time.


● SOS alarm

When a person is in danger, the label comes with an SOS alarm, which can send the alarm information to the management platform in a timely manner.

Low power prompt

The positioning device has the function of self-test battery power, and when the device has low power, it is prompted to charge in time.


● Door auxiliary

Based on the characteristics of high precision positioning of the system, the device can be installed in the designated access control area to realize the auxiliary function of access control.


● Attendance auxiliary

Based on the characteristics of high precision positioning of the system, the location equipment can be added at any location of the factory entrance to realize the auxiliary function of attendance, record and record the time in and out of the factory.


● Specified reminder function

The system can send a designated reminder to the label, and the label USES a built-in buzzer and vibrator to specify a pattern reminder.


● Personnel static detection

The device has a built-in static detection sensor, and when the detection device is not moving to the system to submit static information for a long time, the system determines that the equipment is not carried by the equipment or is in danger.


● Visitor management

Visitors with location-based tags can master the area in real time and can customize the area permissions for visitors.


● Asset management

It can realize real-time positioning of vehicles and assets by adding positioning tags for specific vehicles and assets.


● Access control, one-card and other application management.

RFID chips based on tags.

Note: the red mark is needed to develop the implementation function for the application end layer, which can not be displayed directly in our engine software.

Application architecture and functionality.



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