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Application Of Uwb In The Smart Supermarket

- Dec 12, 2018 -

     Application of UWB in the smart supermarket

        With the development of business competition,more and more supermarket retailers began to use a scientific method, analysis of consumer behavior ,to study the behavioral preferences of the targets and then provide more accurate marketing service.

       So,how to get consumer's behaviour data? wireless high-precision positioning system based on UWB can help you track consumer’s routes and know which area he stays for the longest time,in order to analyse most popular goods among them and other useful marketing information.


  We can Install the UWB locator tag on the consumer carts and UWB locator nodes on the wall in the supermarket to achieve data and then the real-time location of the UWB tag will be transmitted to data analysis platform .The UWB location can offer centimeter- scale positioning that is more precise and can provide efficient data.



IR-UWB anchor




    The system include UWB locator tag 、locator node and our Redbat engine,the following two products will be described.

UWB Locator tag (UT-205)                          

 Features:UWB locator tag

*802.15.4a UW 

*High Power -21dBm/MHz 

*Ceramic antenna on board

*Cortex M3 MCU

*High capacity Li-battery


UWB locator node(UA-300W)


*802.15.4a UWB

*High precision,can reach 2cm(10 k time standard de)

*High power, more than 100m of Line of sight

*High power  802.11A/N/ 1ⅹ1 Wi-Fi

*802. 3af PoE power supply

*10/100 Ethernet