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Redbat UWB Location System Engine

Redbat UWB Location System Engine

WOXU RTLS Engine :LS-1000 can output real-time location data and is available for intergration into third party apps.LS-1000 is a kind of algorithm for RTLS in WOXU Redbat system.

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Redbat Location System Engine :


It is our Redbat system data structure:


data flow

WOXU Redbat Location System is also available for integration into third party apps. This means that customer’s existing applications can be upgraded with WOXU indoor positioning system.

Redbat Hard ware includes : UWB Anchor ,UWB TAG.


What is our LS-1000?

LS-1000 is visual Calculating Engine

l  It is used to converge the data of uwb anchors and uwb tags, and calculates the sampling data, outputs the location coordinates.

l  It can manage anchors and tags.

l  It supports visual configuration and system test.

l  It supports  UDPTCPHTTPHTTPS protocol.

l  LS-1000 is Green Software, you can install LS-1000 without any complex deployment environment.



What kind of protocol LS-1000 can support?

LS-1000 supports UDP、TCP、HTTP、HTTPS protocol.

Several interface protocols can be defined as follows:

l  Positioning data: x, y, z coordinate        

l  Warning data:

n  SOS Warning:

n  Anchor off-line Warning:

n  Tag off-line Warning: warning:

l  Statistical data

     Tag status (electricity capacity)

You can save the data in your local server or Or you can forward the data in real time as you need to the port you appointed.


What kind of API we can offer you?

 Redbat C interface : WOXU API define the data exchange format between location engine and applicaiton platform.


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