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Intel White Paper: UWB Technology For High-Speed Wireless Personal Area Networks

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Ultra-bandwidth (UWB) technology provides a solution to the bandwidth, cost, power consumption and physical needs of next-generation consumer electronics devices. This new technology provides high bandwidth for making versatile digital video and audio throughout the home. With the support of industry groups such as the USB Association, technology leaders such as INTEL and UWB Technologies will strive to make high-speed WPANS connections at home easy.

The mobile lifestyle that comes with the wireless technologies of cell phones and home PCs puts an increasing demand for wireless devices on other devices. Consumers are enjoying the convenience of wireless connectivity. Many digital home technologies, such as digital video and audio streaming, require high-bandwidth connections. Other wireless networking technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth developed for wireless connections to PCs are less than optimal for high-bandwidth usage. Although Wi-Fi data rates can reach 54Mbps, this technology has limitations in the consumer electronics environment, including power consumption and bandwidth. When connecting consumer electronic devices over short range networks or WPANs, wireless technologies need to support high data flows, low energy consumption and low cost for ultra-small packages such as PDAs or cell phones. Silicon development of new UWB wireless technologies and UWB applications will provide the best solution.