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UWB In The Home Network Market

- Dec 12, 2017 -

With the proliferation of multimedia devices and applications, the need for wireless connectivity in the home market is even more pressing. The home wireless market differs from other markets as it requires high transmission rates that support multiple digital streams, ultra-low cost for consumer acceptance, and ultra-low power consumption that can be embedded in handheld devices. The ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless communication system, designed in a whole new way, responds to the highest standards in the home market.

Direct-Sequence UWB is the best way for users to enjoy all the benefits of UWB. In a home environment, there are many factors that can affect the transmission of radio waves, such as refraction on furniture or other wireless signals such as wireless phones and wireless LANs. These factors can cause serious signal quality problems. The DS-UWB uses the shortest possible pulse width to ensure a smooth connection, allowing the device to clearly detect the location of other devices for maximum connection performance and quality of service (QoS).