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UWB Transmission System Definition

- Dec 12, 2017 -

The FCC rules allow UWB communications equipment to operate at low power in the 3.1 - 10.6 GHz unlicensed spectrum (effective co-directional radio power or E I R P of -41.3 dbm / MHz). The purpose of the UWB low radiation limit is to ensure that UWB devices do not cause harmful interference to "licensed services and other critical radio operations."

A UWB transmitter is defined as "a deliberately radiating device that has a partial bandwidth greater than or equal to 0.20 at any point in time or a UWB greater than or equal to 500 MHz, regardless of the fractional bandwidth, the fractional bandwidth equal to 2 (fHfL) / (fH + fL). "The frequency is -10db2.